Neugebauer Talks Next Steps on Farm Bill on AgriPulse’s Open Mic

Jul 17, 2013 Issues: Agriculture

WASHINGTON, DC—Congressman Randy Neugebauer (R-TX) spoke with Ken Root at AgriPulse on the status of the Farm Bill and his thoughts about moving the legislation forward. He describes last week's farm bill vote as a ‘first down, not a touchdown’ as the measure hopefully heads to conference on at least the commodity title.  Listen here:

Selected quotes:

“I think this is a very good piece of legislation and it’s much more workable if in the future we have to extend this policy rather than going back to the 1949 [permanent law] which actually is something that we couldn’t implement.”   

“The farm program expires on September 30th.  SNAP [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program] is on autopilot.  There’s probably less pressure on us to do something with the commodity title than the SNAP title than the commodity title, because the commodity title, on September 30th, it terminates.”