YES: Delaying Obamacare--H.R. 2667 and H.R. 2668

Jul 17, 2013 Issues: Health Care

I voted to delay both the individual mandate and the employer mandate under the President's flawed healthcare law.

The legislation to delay the employer health insurance mandate passed by 264 to 161 and the legislation to delay the individual health insurance mandate passed by 251 to 174. 

It’s clear that the President’s health care law is unworkable.  Today, I voted to delay the employer mandate and individual mandate to protect hardworking Texans from getting hit with Obamacare’s high costs.  I want to be clear—this delay isn’t the solution to the problems with this law.  It is simply an effort to give American families the same protection that the President is extending to businesses.  With the year-long delay in place, my colleagues and I will continue working to repeal and defund Obamacare and develop commonsense health care policy that works for all Americans.