Neugebauer Announces Legislation to Help Reduce Windstorm Damage

May 2, 2013 Issues: Happening in West Texas, Science

WASHINGTON, DC—Congressman Randy Neugebauer (R-TX) announced new legislation today to reduce windstorm damage.  H.R. 1786, the National Windstorm Impact Reduction Reauthorization Act (NWIRP), promotes research that helps save lives, reduce injuries and lessen damage from windstorms. The bill updates and improves a program first introduced by Neugebauer in 2004. 

“Every year, windstorms create billions of dollars in damage,” Neugebauer said.  “Worse, they cause thousands of injuries and fatalities.  This bill facilitates research that can reduce damage and save lives.”   

Neugebauer announced the legislation at the National Wind Institute (NWI) at Texas Tech University.  He was joined by Chancellor Kent Hance, Interim President Dr. Lawrence Schovanec, and NWI Director Dr. John Schroeder.

“Texas Tech is doing some of the most innovative windstorm research in the country,” Neugebauer said.  “The work being done here has practical applications that help us build stronger, safer buildings.”

Neugebauer’s legislation supports basic research to better understand windstorms, atmospheric science research and data collection, and the development of risk assessment tools and damage mitigation techniques.  NWIRP includes research and development at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the National Science Foundation, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  It increases transparency and improves interagency coordination. 

“When a family loses their home in a tornado or hurricane, they don’t just have to rebuild their house—they have to rebuild their lives,” Neugebauer said.  “Research that improves safety and protects lives during windstorms is critical.”