A Congressional Update and Your Survey Responses

Dear Friends,

A few months ago, I asked you to participate in a survey about Randy’s Roundup, and I was really grateful for all the responses I received.  Today, I’d like to share the results of that survey with you.  Before I do, I want to update you on a couple of items happening in Congress.

This week, the House will consider the Department of Defense Appropriations bill.  This legislation provides funding for our national security efforts and supports U.S. troops.  The bill includes $512 billion in non-war defense funding and $85 billion for war funding.  I feel strongly that providing a strong national defense is one of our government’s highest priorities. I’m pleased this legislation includes some spending reductions while still providing critical resources for national security and adequate support for the men and women defending our country, including a 1.8% pay increase. 

In the Financial Services Committee, we’ll be marking up our housing finance reform bill. I made a brief video explaining the PATH Act, which you can watch here

In the Science Committee, we’re holding a hearing on fracking and the flawed and false information that’s been spread about this process. The Department of Energy recently completed a study that showed that fracking in Pennsylvania did not contaminate the water supply.  Study after study has shown that fracking is safe.  Of course, you probably knew that already.  We’ve been using this technology in Texas for 60 years.  Today, advances in fracking technology are revitalizing our economy and allowing us to identify and access fuels that were previously unreachable.  It’s time for this Administration to acknowledge the science that proves fracking is safe, and to stop standing in the way of American energy development. 

Here is your feedback on Randy’s Roundup:

92% of those who responded read the Roundup every week. And you read the entire Roundup too—90% read at least half of the Roundup every week.  Most of you are happy with getting the Roundup every week, but about 10% would like to receive it a little less often.  Generally, the length of the Roundup works well for you—88% would like to keep it as is.  I was interested to learn that about half of you open the Roundup based on what the headline says.  I’ll keep that in mind when I’m sending out future Roundups.

The Roundup readers are very interested in real, in-depth discussions of policy.  65% of you prefer Roundup articles that focus on legislative developments in Washington.  Many of you said that the Roundup is the best way for you to see where I stand on the issues of the day.  I’m glad to hear that, because I want you to know what I’m doing on your behalf.  About half of you said you’d like to see some pictures or videos periodically.  I’ll start including more of those so you can choose how best to get your news. 

If you ever have a suggestion on how to improve the Roundup, please write to me. I look forward to hearing from you.