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Congressman Randy Neugebauer

Representing the 19th District of Texas


Randys Roundups

February 8, 2016 Randy's Roundup
The economic crisis in the cotton industry continues to harm not only the hardworking farm families in West Texas, but is also having a ripple effect throughout our entire region’s economy.
February 1, 2016 Randy's Roundup
This week, the House is back in session and we will be voting on some important foreign policy and conservative domestic priorities.
January 25, 2016 Randy's Roundup
Hours before President Obama delivered his final State of the Union address, Iran captured 10 U.S. Sailors, forced them to their knees, and held them at gunpoint.
January 18, 2016 Randy's Roundup
While 2016 is just getting started, I wanted to take some time to reflect on 2015 and the five conservative solutions I championed into law to address some of our nation’s challenges.
January 11, 2016 Randy's Roundup
Tomorrow night, President Obama will deliver his final State of the Union address.
January 5, 2016 Randy's Roundup
In a New Year’s Day message, President Obama expressed his desire to use executive actions to restrict the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans.
December 29, 2015 Randy's Roundup
Dana and I send our thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by this severe winter storm. Thank you to all of the first responders working around the clock to keep us safe.
December 22, 2015 Randy's Roundup
Last week, I joined my colleagues in the House to pass the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act (H.R. 2029) to provide tax-relief for families and businesses. This important “tax extenders” package includes many tax provisions that are very important to the 19th District of Texas.
December 22, 2015 Randy's Roundup

Voting to Stop Tax Hikes, Provide Certainty for Families and Businesses

December 15, 2015 Randy's Roundup
The recent terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino should serve as wake-up call that we need to do more to keep the American people safe and defeat and destroy ISIS. Unfortunately, and in an attempt to shift the focus away from the President’s unclear strategy on terrorism, many Democrats have come out and called for more gun control in America.